Summer Style in Review


The end of summer is officially here and I’m so bummed. This is the first time that I made of a summer bucket list and it mostly consisted of delicious food spots and a few kid friendly trips. I had the chance to visit each of my targeted restaurants but the out of state kid trips were a no go. Like most parents, I wanted to go to Splish Splash, Sesame Place and Hershey Park, but the way my budget was set up–yeah–it wasn’t going to happen. The one aspect of my life I did get to have fun with was my summer style trends in the office.


Band-Aid’s Oh Joy! Collection


The summer season is quickly approaching. That means more time outdoors with fun activities and also more chances to get boo-boos. My four year old is just now exploring roller skating, bicycling, and his favorite toy–his scooter. So what’s a mom to do when he’s playing Spiderman on the sidewalk? Use cool and colorful  bandages from the Band-Aid Oh Joy! Collection of course!


Covergirl Queen Collection

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


As an Influenster member, I get to receive free product samples and test them out–again– for free. I was sent the Covergirl Queen Collection liquid natural hue foundation, the Stay Luscious lipstick and False Lash Drama mascara. Can I just say that I absolutely fell in love with the “Queen” packaging! I mean look at that gold lipstick tube and “Queen” branded mascara. I even loved the box all of the samples came in. Now on to my review.


Test Model at Carol’s Daughter Mirror Salon


A few days ago I received an invitation by Carol’s Daughter to be a test model for a TOP SECRET product that’s in the making. Of course, I was super excited since I adore Carol’s Daughter products, especially when I straighten my hair. If you’ve never been to Carol’s Daughter Mirror Salon in New York, they’re located in the heart of Harlem at 24 West 125th Street. If you follow me on Snapchat,(@fabfindsforher) you might have seen a bit of my journey to the salon.


HSN x Alice Through The Looking Glass Preview

HSN Alice #throughthelookingglass Preview

Were you as obsessed with Alice in Wonderland back in the day as I was when you were younger?! Well, Disney will be releasing “Alice Through The Looking Glass” on May 27th where Alice travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter. I’m so excited to see this movie and was so lucky to be invited by HSN (Home Shopping Network) to preview their #throughthelookingglass media event! This whimsical event highlighted fashion, beauty, and home decor inspired by the movie.


My 5th Big Chop!



The big chop. Okay, so I think I may be obsessed with chopping off my hair. This is about the 5th or maybe even 6th time that I’ve done a big chop. I was going through a phase of just being captivated by so many different tapered cuts, short cuts and just not doing my hair aka laziness. After a few hours of contemplating my next hairstyle and not wanting to install marley twists, I said “F it.” I called up my hair stylist and got my hair chopped off the next day. Let me back up.


Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 and Smartwatch Review


EEK! I absolutely love browsing through different blogs of style, beauty, and technology. Well last November I was on one of my favorite style blog sites where I entered a contest and won the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 and smartwatch! I had never heard of the Alcatel brand before the contest. But after doing some research I quickly discovered that the Idol 3 is one of the first REVERSIBLE smartphones (meaning you can use the phone “upside down”) and the phone’s interface will rotate to match how the user is holding it.


Ditch The Cable and Try the Roku 3

fab-finds-for-her-rokuSince the new year started, one goal that I’m trying to accomplish is saving money. Unfortunately there are some revolving bills that I can’t run away from like student loans and credit card debt. However, one bill that seemed to escalate and change every month was my cable bill. I must admit, I watch a ridiculous amount of TV, so eliminating cable completely was a no go.


January Birthday Blast!


Another year, another birthday blast and snowstorm. LOL! Seriously, for the past few years, every time towards the end of January there’s a blizzard or snowstorm forecast on my birthday. Of course, as a winter baby I should be used to this, but sometimes I want to go out and have fun like the Spring/Fall or Summer babies. But like most people, who wants to go out in sexy gear with weather conditions that are freezing below?! Well my dedicated friends would…but let’s be real. During a snow storm or extremely cold conditions people now-a-days are staying indoors with the Netflix and Chill option.