Memorial Day Style


Happy Memorial Day! Okay, I’m a about a day late with this post, but nonetheless I wanted to showcase what I wore on Memorial Day. I thought about wearing the traditional colors of red, white and blue…but I really wasn’t into it. Instead, I built my outfit around my red Old Navy tube top dress.

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Cocotique x Modabox Beauty Meets Fashion


I was invited to the Cocotique x Modabox “Beauty Meets Fashion” event where attendees were treated to a sip and shop at Modabox hosted by Cocotique. I’ve reviewed Cocotique before (see here and here). You might remember that it’s a deluxe beauty subscription service that curates beauty and lifestyle products primarily for women of color.

The event included some fab vendors, sweet treats and a mini make-over service by celebrity makeup artist Brandy Gomez-DuplessisRead More →

New York Baby Show!


This past weekend I had a blast attending the 2015 New York Baby Show ! If you’re unfamiliar with the event, it’s a large expo that showcases the latest brands and innovations for families and those expecting babies or already have children. The two-day event also featured seminars about how to shop for a new baby, mom and dad lounges, a keynote panel about parenthood and live entertainment for adults and kids. Before I dive into my favorite parts of the expo, I also got the chance to visit the exclusive Blogger Lounge hosted by Momtrends!

The Blogger Lounge featured Mables Labels–a brand that provides labels for all of your kids’ items (and adults!), pampering from the GlamSquad and free babysitting from the Nanny League

I’ll be honest. Since I had my little one with me, I didn’t get to take full advantage of everything in the Blogger Lounge as my son was attached to my hip. But I did get to mix and mingle with a few blogger pals and enjoy the delicious lunch set up by Momtrends.


Blogger Lounge hosted by MomTrends.

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Anti Aging: Why I’m All About Resting B**ch Face

anti-aging-how-old-net-    anti-aging-minnie-mouse-halloween-costume

Okay, so I’m sure most of you have heard or seen the site Well, let me pre-face this post by saying that site is  NOT for the faint of hearts. I mean sure, as you can see I got ages “19”, “20” and “29”when I’m really DUN Dun Dun…31. So I was kind of feeling myself.

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Jumpin Jumpin: The Black Jumpsuit


Woohoo! It’s almost the end of the week and I’m jumping for joy in my H&M black jumpsuit. I’ve been on the hunt for a good jumpsuit that was sleeveless and fit my thigh/tummy area in a flattering way. I didn’t find a sleeveless one that I liked, but when I saw the fit of this jumpsuit on the H&M site, I knew I had to have it.

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The Trench Coat


SPRING WHERE ARE YOU?! Okay, I’m sure I’m like most of you who are ready to break out the shorts, tees and sandals. Here in NYC the temps have been pretty sporadic. When the warmth breaks out, you better take full advantage because who knows when you’ll feel it again. Anyway, to combat Mother Nature’s craziness, I’ve been sporting my new khaki and leather trench coat which is perfect for that in-between weather.

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Rocksbox Review Subscription Service


Okay–we’re truly in the ago of subscription boxes for everything! I’ve seen underwear, clothing, shoes, makeup and other items that people can “subscribe” to monthly for a fairly small fee. I’ve tried a jewelry subscription service before, but I wasn’t that impressed with its quality. However, when I had the chance to try out the hugely popular Rocksbox service for free, I jumped at ordering a box. Here’s my Rocksbox review. Read More →

Le Top Seashore Collection


As a mom who’s obsessed with all things fashion, I love discovering brands that cater to children’s style in a way that keeps them fashionable, comfortable and age-appropriate. Enter the California based, family-owned company, Le Top. The brand designs clothing for boys and girls ages 0-7 yrs old. Besides the high quality of the clothing, what I like most about Le Top, are the fun prints and themed collections.

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Mamanista Fridays Denim on Denim


Hey guys! It’s been such a long time since I’ve written, but I’m back. I had to briefly abandon Mamanista Fridays because the NYC weather was just to brutal to shoot photos outside. Sure, I could have taken inside pics, but I definitely prefer the outdoor look. Instead of the usual theme that The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files usually do, for the next few weeks (or longer) everyone will be free-styling their looks. Basically, we’re all showcasing our own personal style. This week I’ve selected Denim on Denim.

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Friendly Kids Tech with the Verizon Gizmopal


Parenthood can be challenging. Parenthood can be overwhelming. Parenthood can make you stress over the simplest things in order to keep your children safe. As the mom of a toddler, I can constantly be heard telling my son not to “touch that, go there, or eat that.” My son is so used to all of my precautions that he enjoys making me nervous as he engages in certain activities with a mischievous smirk knowing I’m about to say “NO.” The one activity that I don’t object to is his curiosity when it comes to kid gadgets like the Verizon Gizmopal.

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