Momtrends Holiday Soiree!


Happy Holidays everyone! Okay, I know Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and Christmas is more than a month away, but Momtrends brought in the holiday cheer early with their annual #MTHoliday aka Momtrends Holiday Soiree!

I was super excited to finally attend a blogging event. My work schedule is super busy and I’m having trouble balancing everything including this blog. Anyway, I was so grateful to catch up with some blogger pals and chat with some cool brands.

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White Maxi T-Shirt


Hey guys! It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a style post and of course I truly miss it. I recently changed jobs and my new position is so much more demanding than I’ve ever experienced which explains my sporadic posting. Anyway, since last year I have been on a hunt for a long maxi t-shirt. I think they’re so sexy–especially with a double split. I also love that you can dress a maxi t-shirt up or down depending upon your accessories or choice of foot wear. I scored this long white maxi tee from my new favorite online retailer–Rebdolls!

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3 Summer Beauty Tips To Beat the Heat

coola-sport-spf-sunscreen-spray All across the country I’m sure many of us have been experiencing a heat wave. Of course, that’s nothing new since it’s summer. But with the extreme heat comes so many precautions. I’m referring to drinking plenty of water, staying out of the sun, or if you’re in the sun, using SPF and after all of that you still want to be cute right?! Well I’ve got 3 summer beauty tips to help you beat the heat! My first tip pertains to sunscreen. I’m a huge fan of sunscreen but it can’t be streaky and cause to much of a fuss when applying. Here’s where the brand COOLA is definitely a leader in suncare.

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Illumask Skincare Review Part I


No this isn’t an early Halloween costume, it’s the latest in beauty gadgets from Illumask. Illumask is a brand that created an at-home LED light therapy mask. One mask was designed to cater to mild or moderate acne while the other mask caters to aging skin. Confession–I’ve suffered from acne since I was a pre-teen. It took a horrible toll on my self-esteem and while I’ve tried almost everything on the market, nothing has really worked. You can imagine my enthusiasm when the Illumask team reached out to me to review their illumask AntiAcne Light Therapy Mask.

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The Moms Disney and Pixar Inside Out Screening


Have you seen the latest trailer for Disney and Pixar Inside Out? The film explores the different emotions and experiences that make each of unique. I was so excited to see this film and luckily The Moms hosted an advanced screening. I definitely had to bring my son along as it was his FIRST movie theatre experience!

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Dove Revitalize and the Governor’s Ball


Have you ever attended the Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island here in New York City?! Well, if your answer is no, you’re definitely missing out on an incredible experience. I had the pleasure of attending the Saturday portion of the three day festival (June 5-7) as a guest of Dove. I learned more about their Dove Revitalize Beauty Bar and Body Wash which smell amazing! The new scents are infused with mandarin and tiare flowers which leave your skin refreshed and moisturized.

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Memorial Day Style


Happy Memorial Day! Okay, I’m a about a day late with this post, but nonetheless I wanted to showcase what I wore on Memorial Day. I thought about wearing the traditional colors of red, white and blue…but I really wasn’t into it. Instead, I built my outfit around my red Old Navy tube top dress.

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Cocotique x Modabox Beauty Meets Fashion


I was invited to the Cocotique x Modabox “Beauty Meets Fashion” event where attendees were treated to a sip and shop at Modabox hosted by Cocotique. I’ve reviewed Cocotique before (see here and here). You might remember that it’s a deluxe beauty subscription service that curates beauty and lifestyle products primarily for women of color.

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New York Baby Show!


This past weekend I had a blast attending the 2015 New York Baby Show ! If you’re unfamiliar with the event, it’s a large expo that showcases the latest brands and innovations for families and those expecting babies or already have children. The two-day event also featured seminars about how to shop for a new baby, mom and dad lounges, a keynote panel about parenthood and live entertainment for adults and kids. Before I dive into my favorite parts of the expo, I also got the chance to visit the exclusive Blogger Lounge hosted by Momtrends!

The Blogger Lounge featured Mables Labels–a brand that provides labels for all of your kids’ items (and adults!), pampering from the GlamSquad and free babysitting from the Nanny League

I’ll be honest. Since I had my little one with me, I didn’t get to take full advantage of everything in the Blogger Lounge as my son was attached to my hip. But I did get to mix and mingle with a few blogger pals and enjoy the delicious lunch set up by Momtrends.


Blogger Lounge hosted by MomTrends.

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Anti Aging: Why I’m All About Resting B**ch Face

anti-aging-how-old-net-    anti-aging-minnie-mouse-halloween-costume

Okay, so I’m sure most of you have heard or seen the site Well, let me pre-face this post by saying that site is  NOT for the faint of hearts. I mean sure, as you can see I got ages “19”, “20” and “29”when I’m really DUN Dun Dun…31. So I was kind of feeling myself.

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