The Trench Coat


SPRING WHERE ARE YOU?! Okay, I’m sure I’m like most of you who are ready to break out the shorts, tees and sandals. Here in NYC the temps have been pretty sporadic. When the warmth breaks out, you better take full advantage because who knows when you’ll feel it again. Anyway, to combat Mother Nature’s craziness, I’ve been sporting my new khaki and leather trench coat which is perfect for that in-between weather.

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Rocksbox Review Subscription Service


Okay–we’re truly in the ago of subscription boxes for everything! I’ve seen underwear, clothing, shoes, makeup and other items that people can “subscribe” to monthly for a fairly small fee. I’ve tried a jewelry subscription service before, but I wasn’t that impressed with its quality. However, when I had the chance to try out the hugely popular Rocksbox service for free, I jumped at ordering a box. Here’s my Rocksbox review. Read More →

Le Top Seashore Collection


As a mom who’s obsessed with all things fashion, I love discovering brands that cater to children’s style in a way that keeps them fashionable, comfortable and age-appropriate. Enter the California based, family-owned company, Le Top. The brand designs clothing for boys and girls ages 0-7 yrs old. Besides the high quality of the clothing, what I like most about Le Top, are the fun prints and themed collections.

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Mamanista Fridays Denim on Denim


Hey guys! It’s been such a long time since I’ve written, but I’m back. I had to briefly abandon Mamanista Fridays because the NYC weather was just to brutal to shoot photos outside. Sure, I could have taken inside pics, but I definitely prefer the outdoor look. Instead of the usual theme that The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files usually do, for the next few weeks (or longer) everyone will be free-styling their looks. Basically, we’re all showcasing our own personal style. This week I’ve selected Denim on Denim.

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Friendly Kids Tech with the Verizon Gizmopal


Parenthood can be challenging. Parenthood can be overwhelming. Parenthood can make you stress over the simplest things in order to keep your children safe. As the mom of a toddler, I can constantly be heard telling my son not to “touch that, go there, or eat that.” My son is so used to all of my precautions that he enjoys making me nervous as he engages in certain activities with a mischievous smirk knowing I’m about to say “NO.” The one activity that I don’t object to is his curiosity when it comes to kid gadgets like the Verizon Gizmopal.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Valentine's Day

Sephora Collection eau de perfume / Beauty product / Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberries / Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Wireless Speaker (Red) | Beats by Dre / Valentine Heart Vector Graphic / Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Phone Wristlet for I Phone and… / Alex and Ani

Ahhh….Amore. Valentine’s Day falls perfectly on a Saturday this year and I couldn’t be happier. No, I don’t have a Valentine, but I actually like this day of love. I think a lot of people have it twisted where Valentine’s Day equals sadness if you’re not in a romantic relationship. I on the other-hamd have embraced this manufactured holiday for what is actually is–I repeat–it’s a day of LOVE. Love for family. Love for friends. Or love for whoever else. I always wait to the last minute to do anything holiday related, so if you’re shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for a loved on a budget, check out my top picks which range from a spa to cute gift sets for the besties in your life. Enjoy!

Mamanista Fridays: Winter Layers

mamanista-fridays-winter-layers-oliva and leather jacket-khadijah-red-cole

Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s Mamanista Fridays time hosted by The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files. This week we’re styling the much needed Winter Layers look. Okay, so no, I wasn’t really walking around NYC in a light jacket and infinity scarf to embrace these frigid temperatures. I was actually rocking an olive North Face jacket over this outfit to keep me super warm. But I wanted to keep the pics cute and not look like a snowman.

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Mamanista Fridays- White Stripes


Happy Mamanista Fridays! We’re winding down to the end of my birthday week and I’m still super excited. The east coast had a blizzard earlier this week and just call me superwoman because I dug out my car, made my son breakfast, made it to work on time all in this outfit. LOL. Anyway, the Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files chose stripes as this week’s theme.

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Mamanista Fridays: Long Cardigans


Happy Friday! We’re almost done with January, the weekend is here and next Monday is my Birthday! I’m  a mixture of emotions. I’m about to be one year older, wiser and moving in new directions. Cheers to that! For this week’s Mamanista Fridays hosted by The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files, we’re styling long cardigans.

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Mamanista Fridays: Winter Scarves



Welcome back everyone! I know I haven’t been here in a while, but life is slowly catching up with me. Anyway we’re back with a new year of Mamanista Fridays hosted by The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files. This week we’re styling winter scarves! How fitting since New York City has been dealing with wind chills in the single digits. I was lucky to get in a few pics this week as it’s been freezing!

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