Verizon Halloween Safety Tips & LG G3 Review


Me and Kaden at The Long Beach, NY Fall Festival

Happy Halloween! Okay, I may be a bit premature in saying that, but don’t you just love this season of pumpkin picking, Halloween crafts and family fun? That’s why I was so excited when I found out that my hometown of Long Beach, NY was having a Fall Festival! The festival included  spooky arts n crafts, a carousel, petting zoo, pumpkin picking and other activities. I was definitely more excited than my son about picking up a great pumpkin that we could decorate. He was actually scared of the pumpkins, especially the larger sized ones. He also disliked stepping through the straw. It was an interesting day to say the least. Ha!

If you’re like me and plan on doing a few small activities this Halloween, it’s definitely important to keep in mind some precautions, especially with your little ones. I have some great tips from Verizon Wireless that will keep your family happy and safe.

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Mad For Plaid–The Redo


Hey guys! Okay, so you might have seen the “plaid” theme in last week’s Mamanista Fridays, but honestly I wasn’t too happy about how I styled it. Thank god I’m not a celebrity because that was not the best look#outfitfail lol. Initially I mentioned that I wasn’t the biggest fan of plaid. But you know what? It really is everywhere and can be worn in a variety of ways. So I bit the bullet and purchased this red and blue plaid top from Target for $15! Check out my redo:

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Mamanista Fridays: Moto Jacket


Happy Mamanista Friday everyone! This week’s theme hosted by The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files is the moto jacket! I’ve been sporting a moto jacket in most of my recent style posts because it just goes with EVERYTHING. Whether you’re wearing something dressy, casual or edgy a moto jacket is definitely a style staple and must-have of the season.

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Weekend Attire: Comfy But Still Cute…

Okay, so who doesn’t love the weekend? I’m sure we all do, but sometimes a problem arises when we just don’t know what to wear. For me, I like to be comfortable, but still cute. I usually do errands, hang out and just plain relax on the weekends, and sometimes I like for my clothes to feel “relaxed” as well. Here are my favorite weekend attire items:

1. Jersey Pants



Image via Fashion To Figure

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Mamanista Fridays in Plaid


Ahhhh–it’s FINALLY October! I love this month for cooler temperatures, Halloween and moto season! In this week’s edition of Mamanista Fridays hosted by The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files we’re styling Plaid. As you know, plaid is most definitely on-trend and can be seen everywhere. I must admit, I’m NOT the biggest fan of plaid and you will not catch me shopping for it either, even if it is popular.

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Beauty Bash with Benefit Cosmetics and Birchbox


Raise your hand if you would love to be at a party where there’s great food, makeup samples and your best girlfriends?! That’s the ideal way to spend a fabulous weekend wouldn’t you say? Well I was lucky enough to be selected as a host of the Birchbox and Benefit Cosmetics Beauty Bash for national Wing Women weekend (Sept 26-28). I was sent a box of goodies to create my own beauty party with 5 of my besties!

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Mamanista Fridays-Leather



Is it just me or did this week fly by?! Well happy Friday and I’m linking up with The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files for this week’s Mamanista Fridays. We’re styling leather. I definitely love leather for the cooler seasons like Fall and Winter. I don’t have a TON of it in my wardrobe because it can be a little unforgiving in some places, but I ended up pulling out my leather-paneled, tweed skirt from H&M.

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ToddleWood Studios with Tricia Messeroux


Even though I’m a blogger, I’ve never really had professional high-quality photos of myself. Blame it on my budget, but my Samsung camera and even my new iPhone have been a saving grace for some pretty great photos. Well all that changed for me when I was invited to to Toddlewood Studios this past weekend for a meet and greet with Tricia Messeroux. If you’re not familiar with Toddlewood Studios or Tricia Messeroux, she’s the genius brand behind those famous photos where kids are dressed in red-carpet attire in replicated outfits from A-list celebrities at events like the Oscars and Golden Globes.



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Mamanista Fridays-Stripes


Happy Friday! OMG–so can I tell you how much I’m loving this Fall NYC weather! I’ve been wearing a blazer with This week’s Mamanista Friday’s hosted by The Baby Shopaholic and Mama Fashion Files is Stripes! I love stripes, whether their thin, large, black, white or in color. As you know, most people tend to shy away from stripes depending on if the design is horizontal or vertical. But the key is in the balance and proportion.

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Rituals Cosmetics + GIVEAWAY!


Last week I had the pleasure of attending an event courtesy of Birchbox at Rituals Cosmetics here in New York City. In case you didn’t know, Rituals Cosmetics is a luxury line that combines home and body products that enable you to indulge and escape into a place of complete tranquility in the comfort of your home.

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