Ditch The Cable and Try the Roku 3

fab-finds-for-her-rokuSince the new year started, one goal that I’m trying to accomplish is saving money. Unfortunately there are some revolving bills that I can’t run away from like student loans and credit card debt. However, one bill that seemed to escalate and change every month was my cable bill. I must admit, I watch a ridiculous amount of TV, so eliminating cable completely was a no go.


January Birthday Blast!


Another year, another birthday blast and snowstorm. LOL! Seriously, for the past few years, every time towards the end of January there’s a blizzard or snowstorm forecast on my birthday. Of course, as a winter baby I should be used to this, but sometimes I want to go out and have fun like the Spring/Fall or Summer babies. But like most people, who wants to go out in sexy gear with weather conditions that are freezing below?! Well my dedicated friends would…but let’s be real. During a snow storm or extremely cold conditions people now-a-days are staying indoors with the Netflix and Chill option.


Teleflora What Is Love Event + Giveaway!


Ahhh–the day of amore is almost here! I’ve always loved Valentine’s day regardless of my relationship status. What’s better than showering the people you love including yourself with tokens of appreciation? Whether it’s flowers, chocolates or love notes, the floral arrangement company Teleflora is all you need to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable.


Not Another New Year New You


Okay. So I’m completely OBSESSED with social media. I’m not on everything, but I do love my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I may not post a TON on any of those sites, but best believe I’m watching–insert eye emoji here. I also LOVE memes. My friends and I constantly tag each other in funny memes. However, one constant meme I hate seeing around this time is the “new year, new me” crap. Let me back up.


Boscia Sake Balm


Everyone knows winter is the time of season to lather up your skin and moisturize your sexy–sidenote: remember when Diddy said that in his Proactive commerical?! Still cracks me up…hehe. Anyway, a good moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated, youthful and supple. Since I have acne prone skin, I tend to use lighter moisturizers without any fragrance and it must be oil-free. Moisturizing balms are the latest beauty craze and not just for your lips. Boscia is one of my favorite skin care brands and I was so excited they sent me their latest moisturizer, the Boscia Sake Balm.


Old Navy Poncho


What’s the best way to camouflage weight gain when the holidays aren’t over?! A Poncho of course. I scored this black and white, open front Old Navy poncho for about $15! Some women might think that a poncho makes you look shapeless or heavier than you are. But it all comes down to how you style it. For some, you might want to add a belt to it to show off your waist.


When Life Sucks…Faux It


The holidays are finally here and I’m a little behind on getting a Christmas tree, doing Christmas shopping and a million other things. I’m a bit of a procrastinator around this time of year since I hate holiday crowds. Life can be so hectic sometimes, but I’m really really trying to learn to take it one day at a time. Isn’t that much easier said than done especially in the age of social media? Around this time last year I wasn’t really in the holiday mood. However, as much as I want to remain in a funk, I refuse to be a bitter Betty this season. Now let’s get into this look.


Momtrends Holiday Soiree!


Happy Holidays everyone! Okay, I know Thanksgiving is a few weeks away and Christmas is more than a month away, but Momtrends brought in the holiday cheer early with their annual #MTHoliday aka Momtrends Holiday Soiree!

I was super excited to finally attend a blogging event. My work schedule is super busy and I’m having trouble balancing everything including this blog. Anyway, I was so grateful to catch up with some blogger pals and chat with some cool brands.


White Maxi T-Shirt


Hey guys! It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a style post and of course I truly miss it. I recently changed jobs and my new position is so much more demanding than I’ve ever experienced which explains my sporadic posting. Anyway, since last year I have been on a hunt for a long maxi t-shirt. I think they’re so sexy–especially with a double split. I also love that you can dress a maxi t-shirt up or down depending upon your accessories or choice of foot wear. I scored this long white maxi tee from my new favorite online retailer–Rebdolls!


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