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Have you ever wanted your own glam squad? Imagine having professional makeup and hair stylists that get you celebrity ready in the privacy of your own home. Some people might consider it “diva behavior” but I see nothing wrong with having experts help you look and feel your best. Enter Angela’s Hair Studio!

It’s a mobile salon that specializes in luxury hair extensions but also provides services like wash and sets, braids, up-do’s and so much more. I had the chance to receive exclusive VIP treatment with the salon and my experience was AMAZING! Trina, the owner of Angela’s Hair Studio and Nicole, another stylist, arrived promptly at my home and went to work on my color-treated natural hair. I was a little nervous about having the stylists in my home. I mean, how often is it that you invite strangers to your home to do your hair? LOL. But Trina and Nicole were wonderful! It reminded me of my childhood. Do you remember playing “hair stylist” in high school where one of your friends that was known to “do hair” braided or permed your hair in the kitchen? I do, except this time–it was being done by professionals.
My hair was first washed and conditioned by Nicole. You can see some similar tools that she used in the picture above. I opted for my hair to be washed and set, or more straightened since I don’t have chemicals in my hair. Next, to protect my strands, Nicole placed a cap over my hair for deep conditioning and protection since she was going to apply heat for straightening. My hair was then blown out and treated with care before the use of the flat iron and hot comb.
Now for those of you who don’t know, my hair is extremely coarse and what makes it worse is that I’m very sensitive when it comes to heat and combing. I also have a deathly fear of hot combs (way too many childhood stories of being accidentally burned). But Nicole was very gentle around my nape and hair line, delicately getting every strand as straight as can be. Here’s the end result:
How fab are those curls? Needless to say, I loved how my hair came out!
After talking to Trina, here are a few fun facts about Angela’s Hair Studio:
1. Trina’s dream is to own a real RV Mobile salon that caters to clients especially in New York City
2. There are about 5 other stylists that operate within Angela’s Hair Studio
3. Angela’s Hair Studio sells it’s own line of luxury hair extensions
4. The stylists work about 6 days a week and travel beyond New York
Another treat for me was that my appointment was made the day before my birthday festivities, so my hair looked extra FRESH! I got so many compliments. Here’s the front view. My curls had dropped the next day but it still looked FAB!
You can find out more information about Angela’s Hair Studio including how to make an appointment on their Facebook Page:¬†
Disclosure: I was not paid for this post. Although I was given a free wash and style, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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