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Hey guys! So this week’s edition of “Ask Khadijah” is all about how to start a blog. Now, I’m not a big, full-time pro blogger…as least not yet, but I do have some tips to share for those that want to start the process of blogging. I’m still a newbie myself as this blog will only be a year old next month. Time sure does fly! But the best piece of advice I can give off the top of my head is just to start. That’s right..just start writing. Of course it helps if you have a niche or direction as to what you want to write about, but once you have your idea, go ahead and put it into action. In my opinion, once you mention you want to become a blogger you can get overwhelmed with all the details of it. For example, do you have a professional camera? Do you have a photographer? Do you have your own domain? How many followers do you have? What will make your site stand out? How are you different from the other million and one bloggers?

While those are definitely great questions to ask and focus on, when you’re just starting out, all it leads to is stress. I got asked many of those same questions and I didn’t have ALL the answers but I knew that I wanted to blog. So I did. As you grow as a blogger, you’ll begin to learn your voice, adapt to the ever-changing social media platforms, learn the business of blogging, the technical side of blogging. connect with other bloggers and learn blogging 101 as you go. Nowadays there’s tons of books on blogging and you can definitely do some research to see how veteran bloggers got their start and how to advance in this business.

I love reading your questions! If you have a “Ask Khadijah” question, please feel free to email me.

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