The Big Chop Journey with Hair Rules


Me and Hair Rules Stylist Yesenia

You may have noticed that I cut off most of my hair. The above picture is the finished result of a 3rd BIG Chop that I’ve done in about 5 years. Yesenia, the stylist in the photo did a wonderful job of listening to my concerns and creating a style that is easy enough for me to take care of. I’ve been struggling with my hair since the beginning of this year when I had severe heat damage from a stylist using tools that were WAYYYYY too hot for my hair. The result–I knew I was going to have to cut my hair. Check out my Big Chop journey with Hair Rules below.

I’d been looking for a professional salon/stylist for the past few months now that dealt with natural hair. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a local salon by my home since it was reasonably priced or a Manhattan salon which would be “Manhattan priced.” Lo and behold I ventured onto Facebook and someone made a status about getting the VIP treatment from a salon that specializes in curly, multi-textured and straight hair. My FB friend has a beautiful head of curls and she loved her results. She even gave the stylist’s name! How many women do you now that actually share the name of their stylist?! LOL. Well the next day I contacted the salon and made my appointment.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into theĀ Hair Rules salon, but when I saw a HUGE photo of a curly girl on their entrance wall, I knew I would be in good hands.


Photo from outside of the Hair Rules Salon


Inside the Hair Rules Salon

The salon was absolutely beautiful and many if not most of the stylists were ALL natural haired ladies! It’s been a while since I’ve been to a salon where my kinky 4C hair was welcomed and even more of a surprise to see actual stylists rock their curly or textured hair with pride.

I was immediately greeted by my stylist–Yesenia where we did a brief consultation about my hair habits and goals. What I loved about the consultation was her approach about educating me about my hair in a way that wasn’t preachy or overwhelming. She made some suggestions and we came up with a plan to bring my hair out of its dry slump. We started with a wash where Yesenia educated me about the proper way to cleanse my curls. She then showed me my true hair texture–an abundance of curls. Now a lot of women I know with curly hair sometimes do what’s known as a wash and go. It’s just what it sounds like. You wash and condition your hair and then go about your business. For all of my years natural I had been under the assumption that my texture of hair could never pull off a wash and go without looking a hot mess. Turns out–I was wrong!


Hair Wash at Hair Rules Salon, NYC


Texture Shot of 4C Hair at Hair Rules Salon, NYC

Initially I wanted a straight style, with low heat of course. But after I saw my curls, I figured why not walk out with a curly style. Before that could happen, I had to get my hair properly cut. So it was straightened with a flat iron in order to see the split ends and heat damage. Man, what a difference a cut can make. My hair looked immediately thicker and healthier.


After the cut, I was whisked back to the washing bowl, put under the dryer and my roots were blown up. I absolutely LOVED my results! At the end of my visit I was given a “prescription” of Hair Rules products used on my hair. Now usually I would use my own collection of hair products. Not this time though…lol. I scooped up each and every part of my “prescription.” I can now proudly say I’m taking care of my hair as I was taught–thanks to Hair Rules and Yesenia.


My Hair Rules “Prescription”

What do you think of my cut?

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