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A few weeks ago I was invited to a Samsung Club Des Chefs event. The event included a few of the top chefs around the world making some delicious dishes and the Samsung team showing us the latest hi-tech Samsung appliances for the home.  Now I’m no Martha Stewart in the kitchen, but with these home gadgets, I would definitely love to become a Susie Homemaker.



So what was on the menu? I indulged in sample sized appetizers and my favorite dessert chocolate mousse. Before the event I didn’t know all that much about Samsung’s latest developments for innovations in the home. I mean, I know Samsung for mobile devices. But they have so much more to offer in the realm of refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers and vacuums.




If you have a large family or like to entertain, you’ll love the various high-performance Samsung appliances. For example, to keep your food fresh, Samsung has developed:

A Chef Mode– Allows you to set the temperature in 3 different parts of the fridge

A Fridge in Freezer-Has four different temperature settings for your needs

Triple and Metal Cooling-provides temperature and humidity control in different compartments


As a bonus, there’s also a TON of space!


Now on the my favorite home appliance. I absolutely fell in love with the baby washer and dryer. If you’re a parent, most times you want to wash your child’s clothes separately, especially if they’re a new born. Well the problem is solved! It’s also pretty conservative with the amount of water needed.





What I took away from this event is that Samsung is definitely giving other brands some competition outside of the mobile and home electronic fields. It also gave consumers a glimpse of future homes will soon resemble a life of The Jetsons. Are you ready for the hi-tech homes of the future?

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