Illumask Skincare Review Part I


No this isn’t an early Halloween costume, it’s the latest in beauty gadgets from Illumask. Illumask is a brand that created an at-home LED light therapy mask. One mask was designed to cater to mild or moderate acne while the other mask caters to aging skin. Confession–I’ve suffered from acne since I was a pre-teen. It took a horrible toll on my self-esteem and while I’ve tried almost everything on the market, nothing has really worked. You can imagine my enthusiasm when the Illumask team reached out to me to review their illumask AntiAcne Light Therapy Mask.


     So how does the acne mask work?

  • Place the mask on your face after your normal cleansing skincare routine. The mask is pretty comfortable and is like wearing a pair of glasses.
  • Illumask uses a red and blue therapeutic light all over your face which is designed to kill bacteria that causes acne while also healing inflammation from current break outs.
  • All Illumask package contains 30 treatments. That means you will be turning on your mask via a controller and using one treatment per day for only 15 minutes a day. For further clarification, you will end up using the mask for 30 days or a month.

What’s the cost?

Is it safe?

  •  Illumask has no chemicals, creams, oils or harmful UV rays. It’s also FDA cleared.
  • The blue light acne treatment kills the P.acnes bacteria to clear up blemishes
  • The red light therapy helps to reduce redness, swelling and inflammation for a more even toned complexion

When should you use it?

  • Start with a clean and dry face, then put on the mask. After your light treatment session is finished, apply your moisturizers, serums, oils or any other topical product you may be using.
  • Be sure to complete the entire 15 minutes. If you stop the treatment in the middle of its use, you will lose a treatment.

I must admit, when I first saw this beauty mask trending on-line, I was both intrigued and a little skeptical. But again, I’m willing to try the latest in technological advances when it comes to my skin. I loved that the mask only had to be used for 15 minutes. Because of the short time, it didn’t get in the way of any other things I had to complete (ie dinner, homework, chores). When you first take out the mask and it’s controller you will have to hold the controller “on” button for a few seconds before the mask lights up. Once the mask lights up, your treatment will begin.

For me, the LED light therapy mask was a welcomed retreat in the evenings. When I was done with each session, my skin never felt dry or irritated. Like any other acne treatment, to see clear results takes time and patience. After 4 weeks of use, I saw some improvements in my skin’s texture and also a reduction in my various blemishes. Before using the mask I had horrible acne flare ups on the left side of my face. Right now, I can say those pimples are no longer visible on my face.


Wearing the Illumask for the first time!

You can purchase your own Illumask, visit their website. You can also check out their Facebook and Youtube Channel!

Stay tuned for Part II of my Illumask review where I reveal my results after eight weeks of use!

Disclosure: I was sent the Anti-Acne Light Therapy mask from Illumask to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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