White Maxi T-Shirt


Hey guys! It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a style post and of course I truly miss it. I recently changed jobs and my new position is so much more demanding than I’ve ever experienced which explains my sporadic posting. Anyway, since last year I have been on a hunt for a long maxi t-shirt. I think they’re so sexy–especially with a double split. I also love that you can dress a maxi t-shirt up or down depending upon your accessories or choice of foot wear. I scored this long white maxi tee from my new favorite online retailer–Rebdolls!


I wanted to create a casual look with my maxi tee and chose to pair it with a bold statement necklace from Aldo and flat sandals. Although I love my heels, lately I’ve been leaning hard into finding flats with some type of embellishment so that it’s not too boring.

As a note of precaution, when ordering on-line, in particular with Rebdolls, you definitely want to make sure that you follow their sizing chart and also look at the heaviness of the fabric. This white maxi shirt fit like a glove and was made with a light material, but not thin enough to show off my goodies which was great!

I’ll definitely be wearing maxi tee’s throughout the end of summer.

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