January Birthday Blast!


Another year, another birthday blast and snowstorm. LOL! Seriously, for the past few years, every time towards the end of January there’s a blizzard or snowstorm forecast on my birthday. Of course, as a winter baby I should be used to this, but sometimes I want to go out and have fun like the Spring/Fall or Summer babies. But like most people, who wants to go out in sexy gear with weather conditions that are freezing below?! Well my dedicated friends would…but let’s be real. During a snow storm or extremely cold conditions people now-a-days are staying indoors with the Netflix and Chill option.


For the first time in a few years, I actually went to my 9-5 on my birthday. I know, I should have planned to take the day off, but I’m leaving early to start on a few birthday activities like getting my nails done and enjoying a nice dinner.


Can I tell you a secret? I went out and bought a “birthday girl” gem-stoned tiara and wore it around my house while munching on cupcakes with my little one. Yes–I have the inner spirit of Mariah Carey in our aura of being 16 foreverrrrrr (in my Love and Hip Hop Cardi B voice) Anyway, I had an amazing birthday and hope to see many more.

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