Ditch The Cable and Try the Roku 3

fab-finds-for-her-rokuSince the new year started, one goal that I’m trying to accomplish is saving money. Unfortunately there are some revolving bills that I can’t run away from like student loans and credit card debt. However, one bill that seemed to escalate and change every month was my cable bill. I must admit, I watch a ridiculous amount of TV, so eliminating cable completely was a no go.

I’m a Time Warner cable customer and before I made the switch to another company I saw that they had created a trial program for new customers who wanted to watch live TV and internet, hence the Roku 3.


So what’s a Roku you ask? It’s a media streaming device which allows you to watch free channels, subscription channels, rental options, music and games. The Roku has different options such as the Roku stick which retails for $49.99 or the Roku 3 which retails for $99 and includes headphones, voice control and remote.


Like any other streaming service, you must have a TV with a HDMI port, a broadband internet connection or wireless router in order for the device to work. In some cases you may have to purchase an HDMI cable.


Although I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, I found it hard to believe that I could watch LIVE TV on the Roku. But as the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.” After connecting the Roku to my TV, the time warner cable app appeared and I was ready to watch whatever was on TV.

With Time Warner’s free trial, I only received the Roku 3 for one tv. I then decided to purchase the Roku stick for a second TV. Unlike the Roku 3, the Roku stick easily fit into my TV’s HDMI port and the set up took a bout 5 minutes.

roku-stickSo what’s the final verdict? I will never use a cable box again. I absolutely love my Roku. It’s so easy to use that my son can filter the kids channels that he wants to watch and we can easily switch back between cable tv and netflix.

Disclaimer: I was NOT compensated for this post.

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