Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 and Smartwatch Review


EEK! I absolutely love browsing through different blogs of style, beauty, and technology. Well last November I was on one of my favorite style blog sites where I entered a contest and won the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 and smartwatch! I had never heard of the Alcatel brand before the contest. But after doing some research I quickly discovered that the Idol 3 is one of the first REVERSIBLE smartphones (meaning you can use the phone “upside down”) and the phone’s interface will rotate to match how the user is holding it.


The Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 operates like most smartphones and I love it’s sleek design. It’s also an amazing tool to use when it comes to picture taking and editing photos.

Features of the OneTouch Idol 3

JBL Sound Quality with powerful front speakers

High Definition Screen with Technicolor Color Enhance (more vibrant colors)

Enhanced Photo Experience with a wide angle and fast face focus

HD Video with surround sound


Once you get a new phone, you might also want a smartwatch right? When it comes to smartwatches, Alcatel has many stylish and affordable options. I tried out the OneTouch Watch .


Right off the back, one of my favorite features about this smartwatch is that I don’t have carry around another charger for the watch. The watch has a USB cable included in the band. That way you can plug the watch directly into your computer or the phone charger itself.


Features of the Onetouch Watch

Compatible with Android and Apple

Updates sent directly to phone

Notifications of text messages, social media, emails, etc

Take pictures with your wrist

Keep track of your daily activities whether you’re tracking sleeping habits, heart rate or calories

Easy charging with USB cable attached

Weather resistant


Although I’m an iphone girl, I really enjoy the android features of the Alcatel phone and watch. Both products are easy to use and the  long lasting battery life is perfect for any one on the go.


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