My 5th Big Chop!



The big chop. Okay, so I think I may be obsessed with chopping off my hair. This is about the 5th or maybe even 6th time that I’ve done a big chop. I was going through a phase of just being captivated by so many different tapered cuts, short cuts and just not doing my hair aka laziness. After a few hours of contemplating my next hairstyle and not wanting to install marley twists, I said “F it.” I called up my hair stylist and got my hair chopped off the next day. Let me back up.


One Friday evening I was examining my hair and noticed some breakage and thinning in the front. I just stared at my hair and hated what I saw. Sure, I could have just gotten a wig or weave, but my hair is extremely sensitive and I can’t handle all of that pulling and tugging from braids. I wanted to make a drastic change, but one where I could still wear my OWN hair. The solution–do a big chop.

I got my big chop hair inspiration from natural hair you-tube vloggers AskpRoy, Lisa La Mode and Ambrosia. The crazy thing about my latest big chop experience is that I kind of want it shorter–well only the sides. I don’t know what it is about women and cutting their hair, but it’s such a freeing experience. When I went to my stylist, the first question she asked was “Why do you want to cut it?”

That question was proceeded with three more of the same questions “Are you sure?”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you sure?”

Truth be told, I was sure. But that didn’t stop me from being nervous.  I’m a risk taker at heart, so I told my stylist with a smile to “chop away.” The best feeling of short hair is NOT regretting it. I absolutely love that I no longer have to waste an ungodly amount of time twisting and “styling” my natural hair.


I also appreciate my natural hair a wholeeeee lot more at this length. I’m falling in love with every kink an curl I have all over again. So here’s to living the life of #shorthairdontcair at least for the next few months…lol.


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