HSN x Alice Through The Looking Glass Preview


HSN Alice #throughthelookingglass Preview

Were you as obsessed with Alice in Wonderland back in the day as I was when you were younger?! Well, Disney will be releasing “Alice Through The Looking Glass” on May 27th where Alice travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter. I’m so excited to see this movie and was so lucky to be invited by HSN (Home Shopping Network) to preview their #throughthelookingglass media event! This whimsical event highlighted fashion, beauty, and home decor inspired by the movie.


Let’s talk fashion. HSN is home to some of the most stylish and affordable designs around. So naturally the event featured some every day wear by Nikki Poulous (upper-left, bottom right) Jeffrey Banks (upper right) Giuliana Ranci(lower left) and many more. I loved that each of the collections had elements of bright, floral and airy fabrics much like the character costumes in Alice Through The Looking Glass.

HSN-through-the-looking-glassOnce you enter Wonderland, of course, the character’s accessories will also leave you in awe. Many of the jewels you see above play up a theme of over-the-top sophistication, elegance and grandeur. Each of the pieces plays up the theme of Victorian Romance.

I would love to wear those pearls to a tea party while sipping chai tea!HSN-through-the-looking-glass

Speaking of tea parties, Miranda Kerr designed a collection of must-have tea party essentials to add to your kitchen or when you’re entertaining. The tea-caddy above retails for $49.95 and can easily fit your favorite scones, brownies, macaroons and muffins. While the items were simply for show, guests did get to munch on decadent treats including mini cakes, donuts and espresso.


For the beauty enthusiast, OPI and Urban Decay will be releasing limited edition nail polish shades, lipsticks and eye shadows with vibrant hues.


I had such an incredible experience seeing the latest collections inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass. I can’t wait to see the movie and ultimately purchase an item related to one of my favorite characters–The Queen of Hearts.


All of these items will be available on HSN from May 23rd-26th.


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