Band-Aid’s Oh Joy! Collection


The summer season is quickly approaching. That means more time outdoors with fun activities and also more chances to get boo-boos. My four year old is just now exploring roller skating, bicycling, and his favorite toy–his scooter. So what’s a mom to do when he’s playing Spiderman on the sidewalk? Use cool and colorful  bandages from the Band-Aid Oh Joy! Collection of course!

Oh Joy! is a brand focused on design, fashion and food. They’ve partnered with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc to create a line of fun, vibrant and inspirational Band-Aids along with an oh so cute First Aid Kit that can double as a clutch purse.


Some of the band-aids also feature inspirational phrases like “You’re Okay” and “Let’s Go” to build up a child’s confidence when they get a boo boo.


My favorite part of the Oh Joy! Band-Aid is that the bandages still protect your cuts and have long-lasting staying power like the original Band-Aids. The Oh Joy!  bandages will be available exclusively at Target stores and It retails for $2.79.


Let’s not forget about the adults when it comes to First Aid Care. The Band-Aids come in different sizes and you can even store them in this chic but portable first aid kit also sold at target or


It’s perfect for those “on the go” emergency situations.


  1. Kim says:

    These are so cute! My daughter would love these. Although I’d run out of them because she would want a new one every two seconds.

    Cute skirt and shoes!

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