Summer Style in Review


The end of summer is officially here and I’m so bummed. This is the first time that I made of a summer bucket list and it mostly consisted of delicious food spots and a few kid friendly trips. I had the chance to visit each of my targeted restaurants but the out of state kid trips were a no go. Like most parents, I wanted to go to Splish Splash, Sesame Place and Hershey Park, but the way my budget was set up–yeah–it wasn’t going to happen. The one aspect of my life I did get to have fun with was my summer style trends in the office.


So yes, the peplum trend may be long gone, but I’m still going to rock it. I love this peplum skirt for my summer style since it creates such a classic, hourglass silhouette. I paired it with a striped crop top and leopard sandals. I got so many compliments in the office.

My next summer style look is all about vibrant floral prints! Florals in the summer?! Yes please! I found this cute shift dress from H&M plus it has pockets. It’s perfect for the workplace and after work drinks.


Another one of my favorite looks this season were these button up, high waisted shorts. Now–depending upon your office environment and culture, this look could get you fired. But not my office

As a side note, ever since I was a teen I’ve always known that I needed to work in a job with a lax dress code. I’ve always been pretty elaborate with my sense of style and refuse to be stuck in a box. For example, I love rocking my head wraps and turbans. Could I do that in a law office? Absolutely not. But here I am showing the majority of my 5’8 inch legs.


I could have upped my shoe game factor in the first two photos–but hey–I walk around a lot in my office and need to be super comfortable. So my go-to shoes are flats. Summer is definitely my favorite season since I get to live in skirts and dresses and enjoy the sun.

What are your favorite summer styles?

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