Self Care Sessions with Dove’s Shower Foam

Disclaimer: I was sent Dove’s Deep Moisture Shower Foam. However, all opinions are 100% my own.


What’s your ritual when it comes to self-care? As women, we truly have superpowers taking care of everyone else. However,  often-times we leave our own well-being on the back burner. As a mom, I definitely seek out small fractions of “me time.” That may consist of brunch with my girls, getting my hair or nails done and of course, indulging in pampering sessions that include using the new Dove’s shower foam body wash


We all know and love Dove products for their moisturizing beauty bars, long-lasting antiperspirants, and hair treatments. My favorite features about Dove products are the delicate, light scents and that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

While Dove already has soap in the form of a bar and a body wash–its latest innovation is in the form of a shower foam. I loved that Dove’s shower foam comes in a pump which makes it easier to control the amount you dispense. The deep moisture foam provides a gentle cleanse and super lightweight feel. Seriously, it’s lighter than my shaving mousse!


With its soft scent, and light lather, Dove’s shower foam leaves my skin feeling softer and more moisturized after bathing. To find your perfect match, Dove’s shower foam also comes in Warm Vanilla and a Sensitive Skin formula. If you’re looking for a mini-escape during your bath time sessions, definitely grab this foaming wash.

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