Simply Summer’s Eve and Surf with Momtrends


Are you into fitness and an overall healthy lifestyle? I’ll be honest. My eating habits need a bit of help–and as for exercising, I’d rather be lazy on the couch. But as I’m creeping into the mid 30’s, developing a healthier way of life is of the utmost importance for myself and for my family. So when I was invited to a special workout at Surfset New York City by Momtrends, my vow to become a healthier me became a reality.

This exclusive Momtrends event, wasn’t just about working out, but also to discover the latest collection from feminine hygiene brand Summer’s Eve, titled “Simply Summer’s Eve.” The new line of feminine cleansers includes a gentle foaming ¬†wash in coconut water and mandarin blossom as well as individually packaged cleansing cloths.

Before my workout and checking out Simply Summer’s Eve, I enjoyed a few healthy bites like fruit skewers, coconut smoothies, granola yogurt, trail mix and toast with avocado. Yum!


What impressed me the most about the new Simply Summer’s Eve line was that it’s free from harsh ingredients and also works with you body to maintain a natural PH. That means, it works to remove odor causing bacteria without any use of parabens. The new lightweight foaming wash is safe for everyday use and can be used on your body and intimate areas. The Simply Summer’s Eve foaming wash will retail for $5.99 while the 14-count individually wrapped cleansing cloths will retail for $3.49. The collection will be available May 2017.


The beach-vibe theme of the event was the perfect opportunity to create mermaid crowns courtesy of Crowns by Christy.


Guests were asked to pick out their favorite shells to be made into a beautiful, personalized,hand-made crown.


Check out my finished mermaid crown! It was so fun to wear.


Photo courtesy of Momtrends

The final part of the Simply Surf event was the super fun workout with instructors from Surfiest NYC. I was so nervous about this workout because:

1. I don’t workout

2. I was nervous to face my out of shape struggle

Nonetheless, I boarded my surfboard like a champ and got the best butt-kicking workout of my life. The trainers at Surfset New York City are super patient and help beginners like myself take on modified workouts if you’re not the most athletic.


As you can tell from the photo above, the surfboards aren’t on the floor, but rather perched above balancing balls. So you can imagine what type of core strength it takes to keep your balance when you’re on the board.

mom trends-event

Instructor at Surfset New York City

Of course we worked up a sweat, doing cardio, strength and cooling down moves all on the board. So it was great to hear celebrity trainer Bianca Jade give us a few beauty pointers on how to stay “fresh” after gym sessions using Simply Summer’s Eve products.

For her gym bag must-haves Bianca recommends packing the Simply Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths for a quick touch up to wipe the sweat away especially in those intimate parts.


Fitness and Wellness Expert Bianca Jade “Mizzfit”

For all those busy on the go women, her other beauty tips include carrying deodorant wipes, a light BB or CC cream to even out the skin tone, and tinted lip balm for the lips and cheeks.


Photo courtesy of Momtrends

The Simply Surf event was an amazing opportunity to find out about the latest feminine care products that can keep you fresh all day along. I also got to test out my endurance with a new workout routine. Thank you Momtrends for the chance to step outside of my comfort zone.


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