3 Steps to Sexy Summer Skin


We all want sexy summer skin that glows right? Well vibrant, smooth, summer skin doesn’t come without using the right tools. Now that those hot, sultry summer nights are upon us, it’s time to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. So how do you achieve that?



The first step is to make sure that your skin is properly exfoliated. While most people use a loofah or shower brush, there’s another new item on the market called the Luvscrub. The luv scrub is a mesh body exfoliator used in west Africa for cleaning and smoothing skin. It comes in two colors, deep turquoise and azul. It retails for $18.

Unlike other exfoliators, the luv scrub smooths your skin after every use. It can be replaced every 18 months (such a money saver), it fully lathers regardless of whether you use a body wash or beauty bar and it’s long enough to scrub your back!

After you exfoliate and cleanse the skin, the next step to glowing summer skin is moisturizing.


The key to moisturizing is to apply the product right after cleansing the skin. That way, your body can easily absorb the moisture. A great moisturizer is the Vaseline intensive care aloe soothe which heals dry skin. It’s super lightweight, smells amazing and contains the natural ingredient aloe–perfect for skin healing properties.

The last step to sexy summer skin is using sunscreen. You want to make sure all of your skin–face and body is protected from the sun’s harmful rays. While the sun is great for vitamin D, too much sun can have a negative impact on the skin, hence a sunburn. I prefer a sunscreen that applies easily and doesn’t leave any streaks behind. With the Coola unscented sunscreen, it’s made with organic ingredients minus the parabens.


As a bonus step, if you want a shimmering, golden glow on your skin, you can apply a body bronzer.

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