Google Home Mini Pop Up Shop


Mmmm…Donuts! Google created 11 pop-up Donut Shops across the US to celebrate the release of their Google Home Mini. Inside these pop-up shops, guests had the chance to win the new Google Home Mini or two delicious donuts!


Inside the Google Donut Pop Up Shop, NYC

The shop was set up like a real donut factory complete with layers of conveyer belts moving along boxes of scrumptious chocolate, red velvet and sprinkle covered donuts along with coral, gray and black home mini systems.

So how did you win a prize? Each guest was lined up in front of a display window where you had to ask the Google Home Mini a question. The question you asked resulted in either the donuts or the Google home mini.  In the picture below, the Google Home Mini is on the right, and inside the window is where your prize could be found.


If you’re not too familiar with Google’s home assistants, the Google Home Mini can:

-play your favorite tunes

-tell you the weather

-tell you about your scheduled appointments

-read your calendars

-work with Chromecast to stream shows/movies

And so much more! All you have to do is start off by saying “Hey Google…” The purpose of the donut shop was to showcase a comparison of how the Google Home Mini is basically the same size of a donut. I don’t know about you, but I love gadgets that are cute and compact but also operate in the same way as another object twice its size.



After winning my Google Home Mini (i actually ended up going to the pop up shop two days in a row to win…lol) I was so excited to charge it, connect it to my wifi and see what this little wonder could do.

You can control the device by first downloading the Google Home app, then asking the device a question. Once those four circles light up–you’re all set. Most mornings I start my day by asking “Hey Google what’s the weather?” Then, I usually request it to play 80s or 90s dance hits. Yes I dance my way through the mornings.

The Google Home Mini retails for $49 and can be found at Google Express, Target, Best Buy or Walmart.


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