Mani Monday Featuring Inglot’s O2M Polishes


Over the weekend Inglot held a nail launch for its new O2M Breathable Nail Polishes. Now, you’ve already seen the Inglot makeup which I loved–well the polishes are also a delight! The new polish technology are a healthy alternative to traditional polishes since it allows the nails to actually “breathe.” One Inglot MUA (makeup artist) mentioned that the polishes are able to let oxygen into the nails, similar to the materials in a “breathable” contact lens.



So how does the O2M polishes stack up against other polishes? When I got my mini-mani, I noticed that once it was applied, the color can be slightly sheer but it’s also fast drying, perhaps because of the oxygen infusing elements.


My nail technician also introduced to a new nail trend that us nail lovers can do at home. It’s called “marble.”


Basically, you carefully drop your desired nail colors into a cup of water and slowly create a design using a sharp nail dottingĀ  tool. A toothpick or bobby pin will also do. The polish colors will slightly gel together and once that happens, you create a section in the water to dip your nails in so that the polish design covers your entire nail. Repeat until all of your nails are done.Now keep in mind this DIY nail art can get a bit messy, so have your paper towels on hand as well as nail polish remover. Here’s my completed nail look:


How great did that come out? I loved how each finger had a different design. I’m not the typical D.I.Y person, but I can definitely see myself re-creating this look with bolder colors.


Will you be trying the Inglot O2M polishes?

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