CE Week– The Ultimate Tech Experience


If you’re a techie, you already know that mid-June marks the official start of “CE Week.” A week’s worth of free conferences, presentations and special exhibitions exploring the latest developments in technology. Located at the Metropolitan Pavilion and Altman building, the NYC event featured innovations from the tech industry’s biggest leaders to smaller start-up companies all looking to create the next buzz with the media and its consumers.

Members of the press attended an exclusive SHARP conference where they unveiled the 70″ Aquos Ultra HD LED TV. Consumers will now see the advanced technology of pictures that are more crisp, detailed and with a 4K like image. When you see the television in person, the images are stunning and very much life-like.


After the conference I ventured around the showroom where I spoke with companies like LifeProof and Seidio about protecting the life of your electronic devices from weather elements and unfortunate accidents.




I love all the precautions being made to protect electronics when faced with the exposure of water. Have you ever dropped your phone near a toilet? A sink? Or in a puddle? Well with these heavy-duty, protective cases, your phone will be safe.


Laptops, tablets and cameras were just a few “toys” that attendees tried out.


I played around with the Microsoft Windows 8 OS (Operating System) on this touch-screen monitor before heading to my favorite place–the world of audio.

How cool is that MTX display? The company is known for having the best sound quality in car audio. Hence the headphones wrapped around the car.


Another audio giant, Monster, held a press conference to show off its latest headphone designs and recent collaborations. Monster celeb ambassadors like Tyson Beckford, Swizz Beatz and Emilio Estefan, also made a brief appearance to support the brand.

monster-headphones¬†I absolutely loved this particular collection–appropriately titled “Candy.”


Last but not least, I absolutely had to test out the PSIO MP3 Color-Player utilized¬†for health and wellness benefits. The sound and visual simulators are designed to help you relieve stress. I sat back, saw flashing neon colors and listened to smooth tunes slowly relieve my tension. It’s an absolute must have for home or the office!


I had such an incredible experience and will definitely be back for CE Week next year! Have you ever attended CE Week? What’s your favorite gadget that you can’t live without?

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