Shop Radioshack’s Revamped Stores for the Holidays!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.”



Have you been to RadioShack lately? Well I had the pleasure of doing a little holiday shopping at one of their newly renovated locations! I love when stores undergo construction. The end result is usually a bigger, brighter and more organized space. Here are a few facts about Radioshack’s new upgrades:

  • By the end of 2013, improvements will be made to nearly ALL 4,300 Radioshack stores nationwide
  • So far 2,000 stores have been made over with new paint, redesigned interiors and new Radioshack logo
  • Holiday shoppers will be the first to see the new layouts for a better shopping experience

While walking around mid-town Manhattan, I ventured into Manhattan Hall to see what great gifts RadioShack had to offer. At first glance I loved how the store already gave shoppers an idea of the “cool gadgets” to purchase with their window sign. Digital Cameras, Smartphones, and Electronic Toys are definitely the hot items of the season!


When I entered the store, I was immediately greeted by a friendly sales associate. Normally, I would be a little annoyed because sometimes a sales clerk may be a little too consistent with the “can I help you’s.” But this time, I was more than happy to accept an associate’s help. With my gift card in hand, I wanted to know what new items Radioshack had for consumers on a budget. Surprisingly, I found so many items that I could purchase for everyone on my Christmas List. Here are a few of my tech faves that I found for under $100.


The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker comes in Lime, Blue, Charcoal and Magenta. It retails for $59.99. The activity tracker helps track your steps and tells you the distance and calories burned. Plus you can sync those stats to your computer and select smartphones. The holidays definitely make it harder to stay on track when it comes to dieting, but with Fitbit, it makes it easier to monitor your health all while maintaining your style. I think this gift is great for everyone!



The JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker is great for anyone who loves music! It comes in blue, red and white and retails for $99. What I love about these speakers is that it has a built-in microphone and call answer button so you can take any incoming calls. It also has up to 5 hours of playback time. I think tweens, teens and young adults would love it!


The Apple 2GB iPod Shuffle  comes in purple, pink, green, blue, yellow, and silver. It retails for $49.99 and is colorful, portable, and wearable. It also clips on easily. I think this is the perfect gift for older adults who want something simple when it comes to hearing their favorite tunes.


Enercell 3000mAh Portable Power Bank– I know I can’t be the only one who finds herself in a situation where my phone is about to die and there’s no outlet in sight. Well, the Enercell Power Bank can charge your phone quickly and you can keep talking for up to 10 hours. It retails for $19.99 and is an ideal gift for ANYONE with a smartphone! It also comes in blue and black.

By now you may be asking what I ended up purchasing and for whom. Well my great shopping experience at Radioshack led me to purchasing the Sol Republic On-Ear Headphones! Aren’t they FAB? I love that it has interchangeable headbands in almost every color. Since holidays are about the gift of giving, these headphones aren’t actually for me, but rather the hardest person to shop for on my Christmas List. I can’t say names since they might be reading..:)



Most people remember Radioshack as an “oldie but goodie” store to get electronics. But as I did my shopping, I realized that it has so much more to offer. It still has a family feel to it, but it’s those values that make consumers like me feel comfortable enough to make a purchase and keep me coming back for more.

You should definitely check out Radioshack’s website and visit a local store near you to see its new upgrade and merchandise! Happy holiday shopping!


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