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Hey guys! So last week I had the awesome chance to attend an exclusive Becca Cosmetics #summerchic preview of their latest products courtesy of Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor.  Because of her, I’m such a huge fan of this brand. What makes this brand stand out from other beauty lines is the fact that it has products for ALL skin tones and skin types. Got oily skin? There’s the EverMatte Shine Proof Foundation or the EverMatte Poreless Priming Perfector which both help to eliminate an overly oily face. There’s also the Radiant Skin line that can give you that dewy J-Lo glow. Now onto the event!


It was an intimate setting with about 7 other beauty enthusiasts at BECCA headquarters where we also learned how to create a #summerchic look with some of the brand’s most popular products.We also received a personalized makeup set up.


BECCA Cosmetics the One Perfecting Brush

Now you may be intimated and ask how in the world do you use that type of brush. Well it’s BECCA’s One Perfecting Brush and it does everything that its name suggests. With a few swipes of this brush across your forehead, cheeks and chin, it creates a flawless finish whether you’re using foundation, concealer or blush! I love a multi-purpose product.


What also makes BECCA stand out to me is that the products are presented to help you achieve a flawless complexion without looking over-done. In other words, you’ll look completely natural and people might not even know you’re wearing makeup. I’ve personally tried BECCA products in the past and if you have acne prone skin, blemishes or any other skin issues, the makeup isn’t heavy, pore clogging or heavily scented.



I love keeping up with new beauty products and trends, so learning some pro-tips from celebrity makeup artist Cynde Watson was a treat!


Professional make-up artist Cynde Watson

Here are a few tips I learned:

1. Always start with clean hands and a clean face

2. Always sanitize your brushes

3. Don’t over apply your product such as foundation. A little goes a long way

4. It’s okay to layer your products. So if you’re using a product like BECCA’s Beach Tint Summer Souflee you can still use a blush powder to give you that rich sun-kissed look.

5. If you can’t find you exact match in a foundation, it’s okay to mix colors until you reach your desired shade.

6. Always check how your makeup looks in natural light

When you mix wine, fruit, and beauty products, it definitely creates an amazing bonding experience…lol. Thanks to BECCA Cosmetics and Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor for having such an amazing event!



Khadijah Cole and Danielle of The Style and Beauty Doctor

You can check out the latest BECCA products on their website.


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