The Moms Disney and Pixar Inside Out Screening


Have you seen the latest trailer for Disney and Pixar Inside Out? The film explores the different emotions and experiences that make each of unique. I was so excited to see this film and luckily The Moms hosted an advanced screening. I definitely had to bring my son along as it was his FIRST movie theatre experience!


Before the movie started at the Dolby, guests were treated to a few healthy snack choices provided by Vita Coco and KindSnacks . I love how there’s a kids version for the Vita Coco which come in yummy flavors like berry and apple.

Now I must mention, The Moms did invite a very special guest to the screening, Bill Hader. Hader plays–the voice of “Fear” in the movie. Unfortunately, my son ended up having a tantrum and I had to briefly step outside, missing the entire interview. Yes, we’re still going through the terrible three’s.


Inside the Dolby

If you missed the trailer, here’s a brief synopsis of the movie:

In this coming of age story, Riley is a pre-teen girl who gets uprooted from her life in the Mid-west and moves to San Francisco with her family because of her father’s new job. The movie goes “inside” of her Riley’s head and explores the complexities of how we all operate because of our emotions. The movie mainly focuses on the the emotions of “Joy” (voiced by Amy Poehler, “Fear” (voiced by Bill Hader), “Anger” (voiced by Lewis Black) and “Disgust” (voiced by Mindy Kaling) and “Sadness” (voiced by Phyllis Smith).  The emotions live in Headquarters (Riley’s mind) where obstacles quickly arise as they try to help Riley navigate the changes in home, school, and friends.


Inside Out opens nationwide on June 19th. Check your listings!

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