Happy New Year’s Everyone!

Happy New Year’s everyone! Even though we’re 5 days into 2017, I’m still hopped up on the holiday spirit. That’s right–my Christmas tree is still up, I still want to bake cookies and watch the Hallmark channel and I want to wear sequin EVERYTHANG.


For the the New Year I celebrated with friends and family absolutely no resolutions. For me, once I make a resolution, I end up quickly forfeiting it. If I say I want to lose weight at 12am on the new year, by 12:01 I’m already craving sweets. I find it best to make small, attainable goals for myself beforehand. For example, stop drinking my calories and just drink water. I went out and bought this cute BKR water bottle and you know what? I haven’t bought juice or soda in about two weeks.


I don’t know about you, but 2016 for me was definitely a year of confusion and sadness. I didn’t mention it on my blog, but if you follow me on IG, then you know my dad passed away unexpectedly May 2016. Just typing that makes me want to breakdown. Once you lose a parent you start going through the “he/she never will” imaginary scenarios. What I mean by that is for example, my thought process was/is “my dad will never walk me down the aisle for my wedding, he’ll never see my brother graduate college, he’ll never see my son’s life journey, etc.”

Despite that life shattering event, I’m choosing not to stay in a dark place. I still want to be the best daughter, friend, and mother I could be. One lesson I did learn after my dad’s death was to really live the life I want. I’m sure you’ve heard many life coach gurus and Mama Oprah Winfrey (yea–I have nicknames for certain celebrities) talk about that ALL. THE. TIME. But it’s so true. I don’t want to live a small, meaningless life. I want to LIVE. I want to be Happy. I want to go on adventures. I want to ride out this thing called life till it’s my time to go.


Skirt-H&M/Shoes-Steve Madden (old)/Top-H&M (old)

What about you? Any New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2017?



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