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If you have children, you know that bed wetting is something that you may have to face as your child grows up. While every child is different, if you’re dealing with a child that is experiencing bedwetting, I’ve learned some helpful tips from The Moms, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Dr. Heather Wittenberg at the Camp Goodnites Nighttime Underwear event!


Camp Goodnites was such an awesome event for bloggers and their kids at Kidville in the upper east side. The kids got a chance to wear cozy pajamas, play in tents, eat smores, hot dogs and other yummy treats while designing water bottle carriers.




While the kids were coloring, the adults learned about the benefits of using Goodnites Nighttime Underwear for night protection.

Did you know that the Goodnites Nighttime Underwear are super absorbent with a five layer protection to help keep kids dry?

The Goodnites Nightime Underwear also provide a comfortable stretch and range in size from a XS (extra-small starting at 28lbs) through XL (extra large ending at 125 lbs).

As a parent, sometimes you may feel that if your child is experiencing bed wetting after a certain age, it’s in some way your fault. However, according to Dr. Wittenberg, every child eliminates bed wetting at different stages. ┬áSome helpful tips for nighttime wetting include:

  • Establishing a nighttime routine
  • Shifting times for drinks before bed
  • Being encouraging
  • Not resorting to punishment
  • Creating incentives
  • Talking to your pediatrician


I enjoyed listening to The Moms, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Dr. Wittenberg discuss funny parenting stories and how they help their kids reach different milestones. Goodnites Nighttime Underwear can help parents #resteasy and can be found at grocery stores, drug stores and mass retailers.


Tamera Mowry-Housley and Khadijah Red

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