Yankee Candle Pop-up Shop #CandlePowerNYC


Yankee Candle pop-up shop

Have you ever wanted to create a customized candle or discover your own personalized candle scent? Well now you can at NYC’s Yankee Candle #CandlePowerNYC pop-up shop in Soho, NY! This interactive pop-up shop is full of instagrammable photo opportunities, candle shopping and so much more.


When you first enter #CandlePowerNYC, the first thing you notice is the heavenly aroma of cedar along with the picturesque wooden forest with a bridge. Guests can walk on the bridge and take photos in the woodsy wonderland. I loved the scents of Balsam & Cedar along with Balsam & Clove. Both scents reminded me of a deep-earthy wood aroma.


After crossing through the woods, guests can enter the “tropical beach area.” It’s the perfect getaway from the cold NYC temperatures. Okay–no, it’s not a real beach, but how fun is this beach set-up? I enjoyed lounging in the beach chairs pool-side while indulging my senses in the Sun & Sand candle collection.



One of my favorite rooms in the #CandlePowerNYC pop up was the “upside down” room. You could do a series of poses and have them look AMAZING just by altering the direction of the picture. I captioned the picture below as my “supermom” pose.


The flower exhibit was incredible. You could either take selfies or have someone take your picture in the bed of flowers. The fragrance representing the flowers was the candle, Sun -Drenched Apricot Rose. It was a light floral and sweet scent which wasn’t overpowering.

The last room in the pop-up shop was a xen-like space that represented relaxation and peace.

Guests could change the imagery on the screen wall by touching the glass-enclosed podium. The images that appear on the screen range from the ocean to a forest to fish, etc, all soothing pictures for a serene atmosphere.

If you’re unsure of which candle scent suits you best, there’s a scent test station to help you discover your personalized fragrance. I was really surprised to discover that my signature scent is either pumpkin spice or coconut beach. Yum!

The last section of the Yankee Candle pop-up shop is the great wall of candles. That’s right. You can purchase ANY Yankee Candle scent available in the large, medium or small classic jar size or the two wick candle tumblers.

As a bonus, if you email any of your pictures from the pop-up, a store associate will print out your picture on a label so that you can personalize any of the large classic candle jars.

Visit the #CandlePowerNYC pop-up shop located at 503 broadway now through January 3rd!

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